3 crucial matchups the Carolina Panthers must win at Dolphins in Week 6

A daunting task awaits...

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers run defense vs. Raheem Mostert

This matchup had all the makings of being much worse before rookie sensation De'Von Achane went on injured/reserve with a knee injury. But that doesn't mean that Raheem Mostert is any slouch on his own.

The Carolina Panthers' run defense will have a constant position on this list until something changes. It feels like rehashing the same thing every week at this point, probably because I am. This is beside the point - it is still the biggest issue that the team faces on that side of the football.

Detroit Lions running backs put up 159 rushing yards against the Panthers on Sunday - something of a theme for this team. And while Ben Johnson's offense is focused on the run, they are not as explosive in this discipline as the Dolphins.

Make no mistake, this is something that should scare the Panthers.

Everyone focuses on the Dolphins' passing attack, and rightfully so. However, the running back core put up over 220 yards against the New York Giants - that is nothing to sniff at.

Not to mention an over 300-yard performance in that dismantling of the Denver Broncos in Week 4.

This all spells trouble for a team that lacks any kind of interior run-stopping presence. Or an exterior one at this point to be honest.

Part of this is due to injuries and part is bad personnel decisions. The Panthers simply don't have a big enough body along the interior.

There really isn't much else to say at this point. The Panthers are going to get run over, but it should at least be fun to watch.