3 Dave Canales quotes that should have every Carolina Panthers fan excited

It new head coach had a lot to say during his introductory press conference.

Dave Canales
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What telling quotes made by new Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales should have every fan excited for the future?

There was an enormous sense of excitement surrounding the introductory press conference of new Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales. This was held in conjunction with president of football operations/general manager Dan Morgan. It was standing room only at Bank of America Stadium - including some former team greats - to hear what they had to say.

A lot of hard work is ahead for Canales and Morgan. The Panthers are a two-win team giving up the No. 1 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft. However, dwelling on the past isn't going to do anyone much good in pursuit of a brighter future.

Canales is a charismatic guy and a rising star in league circles. There are concerns about such a big responsibility being too soon considering he's got one year of NFL play-calling experience. But it just might pay off en route to better days ahead.

As expected, there was a lot to unpack. On this topic, here are three key quotes from Canales that should have every fan excited for the future.

Dave Canales will relish the challenge

Being Carolina Panthers head coach has been a poisoned chalice under team owner David Tepper. This is a trend Dave Canales will look to buck, but the new appointment is under no illusions as to the size of the task awaiting him in Charlotte.

Canales admitted to being a little nervous about his newfound responsibilities. That's the same with any new job. However, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator is going to embrace the challenge and give it his all in his quest to turn this once-proud franchise back into a legitimate force.

"Can I say I’m nervous? Is that alright? This is a big task. This is serious for me. I don’t take that lightly … I’m fired up about it. I love a great challenge."

Dave Canales via The Athletic

Nobody in their right mind is expecting miracles overnight. Getting the Panthers off their knees and into playoff consideration will take time. Something that Tepper would be wise to afford Canales after getting everything else wrong on the football side since buying the franchise from Jerry Richardson.