3 Dave Canales quotes that should have every Carolina Panthers fan excited

It new head coach had a lot to say during his introductory press conference.

Dave Canales
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Dave Canales believes in Bryce Young

One of the biggest reasons why the Carolina Panthers went with Dave Canales - aside from the perceived lack of interest in both jobs around the NFL - was his ability to bring on quarterbacks. It just so happens that this franchise has a big investment in need of further refinement.

Bryce Young struggled as a rookie. Most of it wasn't his fault, but the fact remains. Finding a way to nurture his talent is going to be the core component of Canales' role in Carolina.

Fortunately for the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, Canales seems to have supreme belief in his capabilities as a potential franchise option under center. This stems from his evaluations during the pre-draft cycle last year and what he's seen from the Heisman Trophy winner during a turbulent first year in the pros.

"I was able to really dive in and what I saw there was just that really accurate passer, a courageous quarterback, not just talking about specific pocket presence but also just critical games, the amount of games he won at every level really, as a high school player, as a college player at Alabama, this guy is just a winner. He's got the right makeup to be able to be a champion. And so then you watch him play NFL football, and I still see the accuracy, the mobility, the courage in the pocket. All those things are still there. So now it's just about building an offense in its totality that is a good product so that he's just 1/11 of that process."

Dave Canales via Panthers.com

This is extremely promising. Whether you're a believer in Young or not, he has the right man guiding him in Canales. The head coach also has a proven track record of galvanizing the likes of Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield - two men who were written off before the progressive play-caller worked his magic.