3 dream scenarios for the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Frank Reich
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What are some dream scenarios the Carolina Panthers will be hoping come true during a 2023 season of which much is expected under the new regime?

Very few offseasons in Carolina Panthers franchise history have brought about hope like this one. With the organization left picking up the pieces of an ungodly mess left behind by the previous regime, a cloud of professionalism and aggression descended that completely galvanized everybody at an important time.

Frank Reich molded his all-star staff. General manager Scott Fitterer wheeled and dealt his way to some major roster improvements. David Tepper bankrolled the transactions and didn't meddle. Simply put, this was night and day to how things were managed over the last three years.

This newfound purpose has transitioned well onto the field for early workouts. If it enhances further as the summer goes on when things get more intense, there's just no telling what the Panthers might be capable of when the regular-season slate begins.

With this in mind, here are three dream scenarios for the Panthers in 2023.

Carolina Panthers defense excels in 3-4 base

There is a quiet sense of optimism surrounding the Carolina Panthers' defense in 2023. While the depth chart looks a little weak at cornerback and edge rusher, the presence of Ejiro Evero running things leaves reason enough to suggest significant improvements can arise.

Obviously, health will be a factor. Much will also depend on whether Carolina's talented young defensive core can transition well to a 3-4 base scheme that features varied alignments in accordance with how situations are evolving on any given down.

If everyone gets on the same page and those with questions on their shoulders improve with higher-caliber coaching, the Panthers' defense can excel into one of the league's most explosive. Something that would almost guarantee Evero gets a head coaching opportunity during the 2024 cycle along the way.