3 dream scenarios for the Carolina Panthers in 2023

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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young thrives immediately

No matter how things unfold with other position groups, the Carolina Panthers are going to depend on Bryce Young more than most in pursuit of genuine progress. That's a lot to ask of a rookie quarterback with no NFL experience, but his flawless mindset and supreme focus could be enough to ensure his transition goes far better than even the brightest optimism hoped.

Young left absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he was the right guy after the Panthers made their eye-popping trade to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. His strong start to offseason workouts already has the former Alabama stud atop the quarterback depth chart, which is right on schedule after inspiring confidence across the locker room in a relatively short space of time.

Dwelling on the potential durability concerns is not something we're overly concerned about anymore. Every quarterback standing in the pocket is one big hit away from their careers altering, so putting Young in the best positions to maximize his exceptional traits should minimize the risks involved.

This is a tremendous fit for Young. The coaching staff comes with outstanding credentials and although there is no D.J. Moore around, the Panthers filled out their skill positions well throughout a frantic spring recruitment phase.

There will be some rough spells for Young during his first campaign in a professional environment. However, his poise could ensure he thrives much sooner than anticipated.

In this dream scenario, it's all systems go.