3 elite traits the Carolina Panthers are getting with Bryce Young

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Bryce Young / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Carolina Panthers are getting elite improvization

As stated previously, Bryce Young is a magician under center. While the signal-caller benefited from an elite group of wide receivers over his first season as Alabama's starter, that was far from the case last year - making his performance levels even more remarkable despite the Crimson Tide missing out on the college football playoffs. 

This is proof that Young can do two things:

Do more with more.

And do more with less.

Improvisation is the keyword when examining Young's credentials. His creativity in the pocket is phenomenal, which is down to his ability to manipulate arm angles in a way that allows him to remain efficient in the face of extreme pressure. 

The stats speak for themselves over his three-year college career - two of which he started:

  • 65.8% completion
  • 8,356 passing yards
  • 9.9 air yards per attempt
  • 80 touchdowns
  • 12 interceptions
  • 165.0 average passer efficiency rating
  • 162 rushing yards

This isn't counting the game-winning drives, his 91.5 grade from Pro Football Focus last season, and his composure in the face of significant adversity. The Carolina Panthers will reap some hefty rewards if Young puts all this together in a professional environment and there is no better set-up for the player to come into after a sensational offseason of change for the franchise. 

Of course, C.J. Stroud is another with outstanding qualities and few should have been moaning if he ended up being the pick. But the conviction associated with Young from true football men in Carolina performing every act with extreme professionalism cannot be called into question. 

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