3 elite traits Xavier Legette brings to the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have a new wide receiver.
Xavier Legette
Xavier Legette / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Xavier Legette's YAC ability

The Carolina Panthers are banking on Xavier Legette's 2023 season being the start of something special rather than a flash in the pan. This is betting on athletic traits once again, but the environment seems more progressive under a purposeful, energetic head coach such as Dave Canales.

One thing Canales will know is how to get Legette involved and maximize his strengths. Asking him to be a polished route-runner as a rookie might be a stretch, but there are plenty of ways the play-caller can scheme things up to the team's advantage with their new first-round selection.

Getting the football into Legette's hands quickly would be a good place to start. His physical stature and surprising elusiveness make him a significant threat to gain yards after the catch. He's also got enough top-end speed to take even the shortest completion for big gains when gaps arrive.

This is something that could help Bryce Young considerably. He had nobody capable of this last season en route to a disastrous rookie campaign. His best wide receiver - veteran Pro Bowler Adam Thielen - remains a decent route-runner. However, that doesn't equate to many yards after the catch opportunities at this late stage of his career.

If Canales can conjure up ways for Legette to be a consistent YAC threat right out of the gate while developing other areas of his game, it's a great way to build up the wideout and quarterback's confidence. Considering the presence of Thielen and Diontae Johnson, there should also be plenty of space from which to work.

Legette has all the physical tools. He started to put them together fully last season when all hope was diminishing quickly. Building on this newfound momentum is crucial, but Carolina's brass is confident they have the scheme and the coaching credentials to help him continue on the right path.