3 exciting traits Robert Hunt brings to the Carolina Panthers

Robert Hunt
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Robert Hunt brings elite pass protection

The Carolina Panthers wasted no time in making their intentions clear. They have to give quarterback Bryce Young more time in the pocket. Otherwise, there is no chance of the team's substantial investment in the Heisman Trophy winner reaping the necessary rewards.

Robert Hunt and Damien Lewis will be the new starting guard tandem. Austin Corbett is reportedly moving to the center position, which is a big gamble considering his lack of experience at the position and the fact he's coming off two major knee injuries. But at least there is a plan.

Another exciting trait Hunt brings to the Panthers is elite pass protection. The player is technically sound and uses leverage to his advantage consistently. There's a nice blend of power and fluidity that makes him a difficult proposition to shift off the block. Once he gets the upper hand in pass-blocking sets, there is nothing anyone can do.

Want more proof? Take a look at Hunt's statistics over the last four seasons:

  • 3,477 snaps
  • 29 penalties conceded
  • 9 sacks allowed

Aside from the discipline issues - which seemed to be successfully resolved last season - this production and high consistency level are highly encouraging. Hunt's elite pass protection from the interior made him one of the most coveted guards on the free-agent market. Convincing him this was a project worth being part of - coupled with the astronomical financial commitment - represents a massive coup for the Panthers.

And make no mistake, nobody will be happier than Bryce Young.