3 former Carolina Panthers players who failed with their new team in 2023

Things didn;t go well for these former Carolina Panthers players...

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P.J. Walker - Former Carolina Panthers QB

After P.J. Walker's time with the Chicago Bears lasted one season, the Cleveland Browns came calling in free agency. The veteran quarterback was seen as a primary backup to Deshaun Watson, but the Clemson product going down through injury meant a surprising opportunity presented itself way ahead of time.

Walker got the chance to showcase his skills from a starting role in Watson's absence. It was a task the former Carolina Panthers quarterback was unable to capitalize on. This sparked a series of events that eventually led to Joe Flacco's return and a career renaissance of epic proportions.

In two games, Walker completed just 48.6 percent of his passes for 674 yards, one touchdown, and five interceptions. This resulted in a lowly QBR of 18.6 and a passer rating of 52.2. Flacco fared far better, guiding Cleveland to the playoffs and winning AP Comeback Player of the Year for good measure.

This was probably Walker's final chance to prove his worth in a starting capacity. Considering there will be another group of signal-callers emerging from the college ranks this year, even a backup role might be out of reach.

Walker won't give up on his NFL dream, but any hopes of shifting the narrative were dashed during a less-than-stellar stint under center in Cleveland.