3 former Carolina Panthers players who surprisingly remain unsigned in 2023

Matt Ioannidis
Matt Ioannidis / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Mario Addison - Former Carolina Panthers DL

Father Time waits for no man where the NFL is concerned. For some, the drop-off is steep while others fight with all they have to prolong their careers by almost any means necessary.

Just what category Mario Addison falls into is debatable. The edge defender finds himself on the proverbial scrap heap for the second time in as many offseasons after being let go by the Houston Texans, where he played 45 percent of the team's defensive snaps in 2022 and mustered just one sack.

Addison was a respected leader within the locker room, but at 35 years old, the player's best days are long gone. Considering how willing teams are to provide experienced figures with chances to shine, it's perhaps a damning indictment to see the one-time Troy standout searching for alternative employment.

With career playing earnings of $53.05 million, Addison might have decided that's enough, even though he's not announced anything one way or another. Certainly, playing for a bottom feeder wouldn't be his first port of call after how things unfolded in Houston.

There's no doubt Addison could still play a role somewhere. But the game could also be waving him goodbye like it's done so many others throughout history.