3 former Carolina Panthers who thrived over wildcard weekend

A few former Carolina Panthers coaches and players were thriving during wildcard weekend.

Baker Mayfield
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Joe Brady - Former Carolina Panthers OC

During the 2020-2021 seasons, Joe Brady was the Carolina Panthers' offensive coordinator. During those two years, their scoring offense ranked No. 24 and No. 29, respectively.

After he was fired by Matt Rhule during the bye week, Brady ended up with the Buffalo Bills as their quarterbacks coach. The AFC East team parted ways with former offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey earlier this year. That propelled him into the interim offensive coordinator role.

Buffalo's offense isn't markedly different from Dorsey to Brady, but the change seems to be the jolt that the Bills needed. They've won six games in a row, and signal-caller Josh Allen is playing extremely well.

The Bills have averaged 26.9 points during Brady's stretch as the play-caller. I think even if Buffalo loses in the divisional round against the Kansas City Chiefs, he will return.

Brady rose into the NFL ranks in 2017 and 2018 with the New Orleans Saints. He then became more recognizable after going to LSU in 2019.

If you remember that year, that's when the Tigers rode the insane season from Joe Burrow before he made the jump to the NFL. Brady had a huge part in that. Rhule seemed to think that was good enough to bring him back into the pros.

The Panthers won 10 games in the two years that Brady was the offensive coordinator. Although it's pretty clear he was working with one hand tied behind his back.