3 important observations from Carolina Panthers 2024 rookie minicamp

There was a lot to unpack.
Ja'Tavion Sanders
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Dave Canales' enthusiasm

Frank Reich had the experience and proven credentials when taking the head coaching job last season. However, it didn't take long to realize that how things ended with the Indianapolis Colts sapped whatever energy remained in the popular figure. The Carolina Panthers suffered greatly as a result, but things look a lot different now.

From the moment Dave Canales was appointed as Reich's permanent successor, the energy shifted. He's a pipebomb of positivity and enthusiasm. This came across in no uncertain terms once again throughout Carolina's rookie minicamp.

Canales took part in warm-ups with the team, was a constant source of motivation, and seemed to spend equal time with every position group according to those in attendance. Although it was the opening step for each player, the coach wanted to ensure they got a good grasp on the fundamentals before intensity rose in the not-too-distant future.

"We really keep it high level and we try not to overdo a million formations, like we'll get to that. We'll have a lot of variety and that's the way we attack teams with our formations and personnel. But right now it's very high level. I want them to just have heard it, you know, and I know that they may not get it the first time they go through it, but we'll have all of phase three with OTAs to do that. We'll have kind of like a final exam for the spring if you will in minicamp and then we'll start back over in training camp and be able to go through it twice then."

Canales is so positive and a breath of fresh air across the building. He's got a clear strategy in place to turn things around and is going to do everything in his power to help the Panthers get a sounder footing. Those who aren't on board or struggle to meet expectations are unlikely to be around for long.

This was a crash course for every rookie. They have to learn a completely new playbook and live up to NFL standards. But in Canales, they have a coach who'll always come in with a glass-half-full approach through good times and bad.