3 important observations from the Carolina Panthers hiring Dave Canales

Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers remain all-in on Bryce Young

While there are 52 other players to consider when hiring a head coach, the Carolina Panthers seem to have focused their attention on finding the right leader to bring the best out of Bryce Young. Dave Canales' work with quarterbacks such as Russell Wilson, Geno Smith, and Baker Mayfield tipped the scales in his favor.

The Panthers made a substantial investment in Young. Their trade compensation ended up being more than they could have imagined at the time. Getting a decent return on this monumental sacrifice is high on David Tepper's list of priorities.

After all, he's a money man above all else.

Young went through complications as a rookie while C.J. Stroud led the Houston Texans to an AFC South title victory and a wildcard playoff win. There were mitigating circumstances involved, but the Heisman Trophy winner will be the first to acknowledge that his consistency wasn't where it needed to be.

Canales should get Young back on track provided Dan Morgan puts the right personnel in place. How he manages other areas of the team that might be foreign concepts is the biggest question.

This hire is proof the Panthers are still all-in on Young. They have to be. If he doesn't work out, Tepper will have the embarrassment of giving the green light to one of the worst trades in NFL history.

There is a monumental amount of hard work ahead for Canales. All Panthers fans can do is wait and hope this can be the guy to spearhead their journey into a prosperous future.