3 important things Carolina Panthers fans want to see in 2024

The pressure is on to improve.
Dave Canales
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Nothing went right for the Carolina Panthers last season. Fans held significant hope that the franchise could begin to make strides following the arrival of Frank Reich and his supposed all-star coaching staff. These hopes turned to delusions after those in power traded up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft for quarterback Bryce Young.

We don't need to dwell on what happened next. Everyone is aware of what a disaster it became. The important thing is focusing on the future - one that can become more positive with a clear direction under Dave Canales' leadership.

After leaving a tremendous early impression, Carolina's long-suffering fanbase is starting to believe again with Canales leading the charge. They've been fooled before by offseason moves that didn't pan out accordingly. And yet, this time feels different.

Canales' enthusiasm, purpose, and ability to get everyone on the same page quickly were undoubtedly positives. If this trend continues throughout the summer heading into Week 1 at the New Orleans Saints, expect the Panthers to progress next season and potentially beyond.

It won't be perfect. But if the Panthers can achieve these three important things fans want to see in 2024, it'll be an extremely positive step in the right direction.

Carolina Panthers fans want to see some fight

Dan Morgan made his intentions clear during his introductory press conference. He wants the Carolina Panthers logo to be feared around the league once again. However, that's not going to happen overnight.

Last season was devoid of any genuine inspiration. The fight drained out of the roster as another campaign spiraled into embarrassment. While the effort was there, confidence waned drastically en route to just two victories.

Fans became disillusioned and uninterested, which isn't surprising. The very least they deserve next season is for this team to display the fighting qualities Morgan displayed during his successful playing career with the organization.

Results won't always go their way. But if the determination and pride are restored to a certain degree, that'll be enough to get supporters back onside.