3 important things Carolina Panthers fans want to see in 2024

The pressure is on to improve.
Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers fans want to see fundamentally sound football

One of the primary catalysts behind Frank Reich's demise as Carolina Panthers head coach was a lack of execution. The plans were sketchy and the concepts offensively became an ongoing frustration. It came as no surprise to see the team struggle overall despite some impressive defensive displays.

Dave Canales is looking to change that as a matter of urgency. Instead of tackling several problems at once, the new head coach is focusing on the fundamentals. Players will be aware of their responsibilities at all times under his leadership. They're also getting enhanced coaching more in keeping with modern-day methods.

This is a tremendous positive from Canales' early tenure. When speaking to Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator is taking things one day at a time and ignoring past failings. After that, he's convinced the Panthers can begin trending upward.

"Just today—it was just today. The first time I got to talk to the team, the focus was just on that. Today, we’re introducing the fundamentals of the Panthers’ offense. And Panthers defense, you guys have heard these terms, except for the new players. The focus goes forward. The focus isn’t about the past. The focus is, Where are we headed? Let’s just get our football right."

Dave Canales via Sports Illustrated

Carolina's current predicament cannot be seen as anything other than rebuilding right now. Canales holds a different opinion. He thinks the Panthers can potentially become one of the league's surprise packages next season if everything clicks into place.

Seeing is believing for fans who've been duped before. Canales talks a good game, but he needs to show that his actions match his lofty ambitions. This all starts by playing fundamentally sound football in all phases when competitive action begins later this year.

If Canales achieves this objective, the entire football operation will strengthen. It'll also be a glaring indicator of his teaching methods reaping significant rewards.