3 key traits Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper needs in his next head coach

David Tepper needs to look for these traits before he makes his next hire.

David Tepper
David Tepper / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers need great leadership qualities

Clearly this should be a given.

When coaching 53-plus men who have goals and aspirations to grow, get better, and win a Super Bowl, you need somebody who can come in and put them in the best positions to do just that. Unfortunately, the last two hires have not fit that bill.

Without diving too deep into the past, Matt Rhule and Frank Reich were not up for the challenge. Between Rhule’s lack of accountability and Reich’s lack of preparedness, it’s no wonder why the Carolina Panthers have been the laughingstock of the league for quite some time.

So what’s the answer? Bring in a true leader of men.

The Panthers had one in the building - Steve Wilks - but David Tepper decided to go in another direction. Someone who commands respect, while also being a man that players can relate to, can help guide them through their journeys in Carolina.

When it comes to coaching, a lot of guys specialize in offense, defense, or even special teams. I’m of the nature that any coach is just as capable if they possess the leadership qualities seen amongst guys like Kyle Shanahan, Mike Tomlin, and John Harbaugh.

Accountability goes an extremely long way. Players will buy into somebody they can trust and believe in.