3 key traits Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper needs in his next head coach

David Tepper needs to look for these traits before he makes his next hire.

David Tepper
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Carolina Panthers need a legitimate plan

Ask yourself this, what has been the plan these past six seasons under Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper?

Winning football games is not a plan. It leaves too many questions unanswered. How will you win football games by trading for one of the worst starting quarterbacks the league has ever seen statistically in Sam Darnold? Who thought it was a good idea to cut a legend in Cam Newton and follow that up with Teddy Bridgewater?

Scott Fitterer said the plan was to trade up with conviction to select Bryce Young, but with what offensive help and development was he supposed to lead a team to an NFC South title? Why wasn’t Brian Burns extended when the time came and what was the plan if an agreement couldn't be reached?

These are questions that need answers, but will never come.

Tepper can rectify and attempt to make Carolina Panthers fans forget about these mistakes by hiring a general manager and head coach with a plan. Let’s take a look at the Houston Texans for example - a franchise that needed a complete rework.

In Year 1 - with a rookie head coach and first-year quarterback - they managed to surround said signal-caller with elite talent on both sides of the ball, win their division, and knock off a more experienced team in the Cleveland Browns during the playoffs.

Why bring up the Texans other than the obvious reasons? Because their ownership and general manager had a plan. They didn’t use half-empty words and false promises. They got busy in the draft war room, free agency, and during the hiring cycle that ultimately landed DeMeco Ryans.

That team is active evidence and living proof that it absolutely can be done, but a plan and the right people to fit and implement that plan are needed. Tepper needs to get back to the drawing board, hire someone with a legitimate plan that isn't filled with buzzwords and pastoral mannerisms, and let the football minds in the building do what they were brought in to do.