3 keys to Carolina Panthers' competitiveness in Week 11 vs. Cowboys

Chuba Hubbard
Chuba Hubbard / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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What keys must the Carolina Panthers focus on to be competitive against the Dalals Cowboys in Week 11?

After a brief glimmer of hope it is now readily apparent that the Carolina Panthers season is well and truly over. Without a first-round pick in the upcoming draft, there isn't a reason to actively try to lose either. With no real point easily found to win for the remainder of the year, what can the team hope can come out of Week 11?

Before the season there were real, if poorly informed, hopes that the Panthers would be something more than just another terrible team trying to find its way in the wide world of the NFL. Hopes that saw me purchase a ticket to their matchup versus the Dallas Cowboys. That was a poor decision.

The Panthers find themselves heading into a buzzsaw in the Cowboys that just utterly demolished an arguably better team in the New York Giants to the tune of over 400 yards through the air.

At this point, there is nothing that will redeem this season but a merciful end to the torment. This is very sad to say given the potential Carolina supposedly had heading into the campaign.

Not even the brightest optimist is expecting the Panthers to win this week barring some miracle. However, there are still things of value that can be gained.

Instead of looking at how we can triumph this week, let's take a look at what keys can potentially keep the Panthers competitive against Dallas.