3 keys to Carolina Panthers' competitiveness in Week 11 vs. Cowboys

Chuba Hubbard
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Carolina Panthers must rekindle the fire

The one thing that may be the most frustrating as an outsider looking in is the lack of fire within the Carolina Panthers. That lack of passion leaves you wondering how committed the team is.

From the top down, there is this feeling of malaise that has taken over the Panthers organization. Maybe that's how it will be going forward, but it is a gigantic switch from the Cam Newton days.

Even with that said, there has to be passion in the NFL. There has to be that innate desire to be the best.

There has to be a leader, a voice for people to follow. Someone to look to when things go wrong.

Bryce Young just doesn't seem to be that person right now. This is understandable to an extent for a rookie, but look at how the other quarterbacks from the same class are faring.

I'm not saying that Young needs to run down the sideline yelling at his teammates or throw his helmet down on the ground. But at least starting to show a little bit more emotion than stoic disinterest would surely help.

The same goes for Frank Reich, who needs to motivate this team before every game no matter what.

This team needs a fire, it needs a reason to fight again. Without that, it may not be just this season that is lost.

Because once you lose the will to fight, there is nothing left to lose.