3 keys objectives for the Carolina Panthers in Week 9 vs. Colts

Getting this done would do their chances an untold amount of good.

Jonathan Mingo
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Carolina Panthers must contain Jonathan Taylor

Any game against the Indianapolis Colts will begin with trying to contain the game breaker that is running back Jonathan Taylor.

Since coming back from injury, Taylor has been on a tear that has only gotten better with each passing week. This shows no signs of slowing down after a nearly 100-yard rushing performance last Sunday. A fact that should terrify the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers have never been good at stopping the run. It has become almost an inevitability to give up over 100 rushing yards on the ground against any given team and if they can't at least slow things down somewhat, it'll be difficult to limit Taylor's influence.

Carolina has to find some way to seal up that run defense without overcommitting or the Colts will make them pay. With both Shaq Thompson and Jeremy Chinn on injured/reserve. there is precious little this defense can throw at the run game at this point.

Stopping Taylor is the first of many steps toward victory. But without this one, the rest will fall apart.