3 keys to a vital victory for the Carolina Panthers in Week 3 at Seahawks

Hayden Hurst
Hayden Hurst / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers must utilize TE group

One of the biggest weaknesses of this Seattle Seahawks defense is covering tight ends over the middle. Though the Carolina Panthers' options at the position have done little to become an effective weapon to this point in the season, all hope is not lost thanks to one recent arrival.

The other side effect of a deep threat is that the middle of the field opens up for tight ends to thrive - much like the Kansas City Chiefs did for years with Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. You use long shots make the safeties back up and then throw the ball into that void, trusting in your tight end's ability to get a contested catch.

Sam LaPorta feasted on the Seahawks' secondary last time out to the tune of over 60 receiving yards on the day. This is something the Panthers can only hope to replicate with Hayden Hurst.

Shallow crosses and curls won't be enough to win this game. The team needs to draw up some deep corner routes, fades, and anything else to get Hurst down into that intermediate range of the field on a linebacker. Any advantage that the playmaker can get.

Game planning is all about exploiting that one little flaw in the opposition - the one thing that they can't seem to get right. And with how much is going wrong for the Panthers of late, the team needs to capitalize on whatever little thing will give them some kind of lift.

Hurst has the ability to change the game and Andy Dalton still has enough zip left to punish an opposing defense given the right circumstances. The Panthers just need to create those right circumstances.