3 major observations from Cam Newton's showcase at Auburn's pro day

Cam Newton
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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton still has a live arm

Much has been made about Cam Newton's arm strength in recent years. The brutal hit received by T.J. Watt left the quarterback's shoulder in tatters and is the primary reason why there's been such a notable drop-off in velocity any time he's manned the plate under center since. 

Perhaps the time away has allowed Newton to heal properly. At least based on his Auburn pro day outing, the player's arm looked live and that was some nice accuracy on deep balls to further enhance his claims of another opportunity. 

This was positive, but it needs some context. It was a structured, relaxed environment designed to enhance the capabilities of NFL Draft prospects and Newton alike, so just how much weight the showcase holds when push comes to shove remains to be seen. 

Newton's experienced enough to know how things work. He has a lot going on away from the gridiron with a thriving media company, his 7-on-7 coaching initiative, and a growing property portfolio, but there is still a clear fire within the iconic figure to prove his doubters wrong. 

The athleticism looks there - even if it might not be the same as when Newton took the league by storm - and the arm did look good in a non-pressurized environment. At the very least, it's given teams something to think about when weighing up their quarterback options.