3 major observations from Cam Newton's showcase at Auburn's pro day

Cam Newton
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Cam Newton
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Cam Newton's workout might not move the needle

It was nice to see Cam Newton throwing the football again. And no doubt having his brother - draft hopeful Caylin Newton - catching passes was an added bonus. 

However, it might not move the needle. 

Newton remains a threat carrying the football. But expecting to walk into a starting job once again just isn't going to happen - things are too far gone for that. 

This is a former NFL MVP. A Heisman Trophy winner. An All-Pro with a larger-than-life persona that transcends the game of football. 

Whether you agree or not, teams are obviously wary about having such a big personality as a backup option. This piles extra pressure on the starter and could make things more difficult than they need to be. 

If it doesn't sound fair, that's because it isn't. But the NFL is a fickle beast.

Newton cannot do anymore from a personal standpoint. Nor should he. 

The Carolina Panthers have gone in a different direction after surging up to No. 1 overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Others around the league are also in their final stages of planning with spots almost full, which makes the situation bleak for Newton no matter how much he might have left to give. 

The term out of sight, out of mind describes Newton's situation perfectly. His place in NFL folklore is secured, but it shouldn't surprise anyone if this truly was the end of the road.

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