3 matchups worth watching during Carolina Panthers vs. Cowboys in Week 11

Keep an eye on these matchups in Week 11...

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Bryce Young vs. DaRon Bland

Speaking of Bryce Young's struggles and resilient defenses. The Dallas Cowboys have quite possibly the biggest surprise of the NFL season in budding star DaRon Bland at cornerback.

These two players are two sides of the same coin. A quarterback who has struggled mightily to protect the ball and a corner making a name for himself by exploiting that very thing.

Bland has five interceptions on the year in relief of Trevon Diggs and has returned three of these for touchdowns. The young corner has incredible coverage ability and rarely gets beat due to mental lapses. Pair this with an innate ability to read the quarterback and undercut routes and you have the complete package.

Compare this to Young, who has had a serious issue protecting the football so far this season, to the tune of seven interceptions on the year. The main cause of this is that he will stare down his target at times - especially on short-yardage plays - and has not shown the capability of reading defenders who are waiting to break on the football.

It will be a clear look into Young's progression as an NFL quarterback to see if he can show the ability to adjust to an opportunistic cornerback and use that against them. If not, and this game gets out of hand early, there will need to be some serious questions asked about whether or not the rookie can salvage anything from his rookie campaign.