3 NFC South moves that made Panthers fans feel better about 2023 chances

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Carolina Panthers know all about Baker Mayfield

It's funny how the NFL works sometimes. As fate would have it, the quarterback tasked with turning the Carolina Panthers around in 2022 is the same guy aiming to be partly responsible for their downfall under the new regime. 

Baker Mayfield was always playing from behind after the Panthers secured his services from the Cleveland Browns via trade. Matt Rhule handled his transition terribly throughout training camp, which led to chemistry issues and a distinct lack of timing with his primary playmakers when an important start was so crucial. 

Mayfield was unable to recover from this and when Sam Darnold came back into the equation, he was released without much ceremony. This was nothing short of a disaster for the signal-caller, although he did get another chance to start immediately on the Los Angeles Rams with indifferent results. 

Former No. 1 overall selection's down on their luck get more opportunities than most. Something evident with Mayfield in free agency when he signed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a short-term deal. 

Mayfield will look to fill the gaping void left by Brady and take advantage of what will surely be his final chance to prove himself as a productive starting quarterback. But the Panthers know all about the one-time Oklahoma stud - from strengths to weaknesses and everything in between. 

This previous knowledge can be put to good use. And the Buccaneers are far from the force of old after a series of important departures throughout the offseason.