3 nightmare scenarios for the Carolina Panthers in 2023

Andy Dalton and Bryce Young
Andy Dalton and Bryce Young / Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young gets hurt early

The primary concern surrounding Bryce Young has nothing to do with his talent, which is extraordinary. It has everything to do with the size and height issues that could emerge against NFL-built defensive linemen looking to wipe him out at every given opportunity.

Young's not let this bother him before during his glittering football life. One could also argue that any signal-caller is just one hit away from their career being altered - just ask Cam Newton.

But if Young gets hurt early as a rookie and misses a good chunk of games, it represents the most nightmarish scenario imaginable. Something that would leave the Carolina Panthers' genuine progress hopes in tatters.

Carolina does boast experienced veteran Andy Dalton and wildcard sophomore Matt Corral on the books. But neither comes close to what Young brings to the table considering the monumental impact he's made in a short space of time.

The Panthers have a big job on their hands keeping Young out of harm's way. They have a decent offensive line and devised a scheme that should play to his strengths, but the onus is also on the former Alabama stud to be smart and take very few chances when it comes to getting hit.

This is exactly what those who questioned the pick are hoping for, as weird as that might sound. Young is intelligent enough to hopefully avoid contact consistently, which can ensure this scenario doesn't become a reality.