3 objectives the Carolina Panthers can still attain from 2023 season

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Bryce Young
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Caroina Panthers can play spoiler to the Bears

Since 2021, questions have been circling about whether or not cornerback Jaycee Horn was the right selection over other players in the 2021 NFL Draft. More specifically, former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields.

I won't answer the question here, nor do I think there is a right answer considering how both of their careers have played out thus far. However, the two teams in question have a date with each other coming up and both will most likely miss the contest due to injury.

The Chicago Bears hold the Carolina Panthers' first-round pick in 2024. But that doesn't mean they should help anymore after already handing over D.J. Moore and a plethora of draft capital in exchange for the shot at Bryce Young.

The Bears are not a good team at this point either, and the Panthers can ruin their chances at selecting some of the top-tier talent in the draft.

Names such as Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison, Jr. have been mocked to Chicago, due to the high chance that they will have two top-five picks. However, the Panthers can play spoiler and slide them down a few spots to miss out on arguably the two best players in the draft.

Odds are, they'll still end up with one of them. But with their recent acquisition of Montez Sweat, it's clear they were looking to go all in with their own and the Panthers pick this year. No need to gift wrap them even more presents.