3 pending free agents the Carolina Panthers could surprisingly re-sign in 2024

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Carolina Panthers could re-sign Jeremy Chinn

Things haven't been great between Jeremy Chinn and the Carolina Panthers this season. Had it not been for an unfortunate injury just before the trade deadline, there's a high chance the do-it-all defender wouldn't be part of the set-up right now.

Chinn was one of many Panthers players who made their respective returns in Week 13. But to see Alex Cook getting reps over the former second-round pick at safety was extremely disappointing.

Whether this was due to bringing Chinn back gradually or not remains to be seen. We'll find out more over the next five games, which could be the last we see of the Southern Illinois product in a Carolina uniform.

And yet, a situation could emerge where Chinn gets an extension.

The Panthers will have a new head coach. With pressure mounting on general manager Scott Fitterer, a complete rest cannot be dismissed. They could have a completely different view of Chinn and how he could potentially assist part of a different set of ideas.

Everything should be on the table. Chinn has undoubtedly regressed since taking the league by storm as a rookie outside linebacker, so switching him to the second level permanently in a 4-3 base scheme could be worth its weight in gold.

An extension for Chinn would be surprising. When push comes to shove, the player would likely welcome a fresh start after how things have unfolded over the last three years.