3 pivotal matchups the Carolina Panthers must win at Seahawks in Week 3

The Carolina Panthers have to win these matchups in Week 3.

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Carolina Panthers HC Frank Reich vs. Pete Carroll

Early indications have not been great with the new Carolina Panthers coaching regime in place. This is especially true on offense, which is exactly what the organization wanted to improve when they went out and got Frank Reich.

The play calls have been uninventive and stale so far this season. Whether this is because of limitations and lack of trust in Bryce Young or just an outdated offensive philosophy is still up for debate, but that doesn't change just how ugly this offense has been.

The repeated runs up the middle even though it clearly isn't working, the refusal to even try to force the ball downfield, and the overwhelming amount of short routes to the middle of the field. All of these things add up to an offense that seems incapable of doing anything in the red zone.

Creativity has been the main gripe of Panthers fans everywhere and was one of the main reasons for the change in regime this offseason. The fanbase simply got tired of seeing the same three plays run every single drive and it seems that very little has changed.

This proves to be a severe handicap against what should be much stiffer coaching competition. Pete Carrol has been there and won at the highest of levels in the sport and is still regarded as one of the top minds in the NFL.

This will be the biggest test of the Panthers coaching staff. With two failures already on the books, it doesn't look good.