3 pivotal matchups that will decide Carolina Panthers at Lions in Week 5

Derrick Brown
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What matchups should prove to be entertaining in Week 5 for the Carolina Panthers as they take on the Detroit Lions?

Things are not looking good for the Carolina Panthers and Week 4 did not help.

Bryce Young had a few moments to shine against the Minnesota Vikings' weak secondary. However, the No.1 overall pick is being blatantly outplayed by the other members of the 2023 rookie class and it isn't even a close competition at this point.

These shortcomings are further magnified by the continual subpar play of the Panthers' offensive line and the disappearing act of the run game in recent weeks.

None of this is sustainable and the fanbase is beginning to show cracks. That early jolt of optimism after the trade-up to acquire Young has all but left the building as the Panthers trudge toward another lost season without even the possibility of a high pick to brighten spirits.

And now comes the Detroit Lions.

The Lions no longer pose the bounce-back opportunity of years past - the former laughingstock of the NFL has cemented itself as one of the top teams in the league. If not outright Super Bowl contenders and even favorites to some.

Which is exactly what a team teetering on the edge of respectability didn't need.

The Panthers are 0-4. There is very little this team or fanbase can look forward to for the rest of this season and little reason to try and retool and compete to win games either.

This is no longer about winning, it is all about development. And with Young's struggles, it might just be time to take off the training wheels and see what this signal-caller can do within a more creative scheme.

But with that said, what are the matchups to keep an eye on in Week 5?