3 pivotal matchups that will decide Carolina Panthers at Lions in Week 5

Derrick Brown
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Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young vs. Lions defense

This first slide will almost exclusively be reserved for Bryce Young for the foreseeable future until the quarterback can prove otherwise.

If Young can't get things going against a defense that allowed a wide receiver to go for more than 200 yards the week before, there is little hope that the rookie can accomplish much against one of the most stifling defenses in the entire NFL.

The Detroit Lions have not allowed a passer to go for over 250 yards in a non-overtime game this season - that includes perineal NFL MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes in Week 1. Conversely, Young has only barely eclipsed the 200-yard mark once this season.

There is no sugarcoating this, it is going to be a rough game for Young against this Lions team. The thing to watch for is how the rookie takes this lesson. If there is development or if the signal-caller crumbles under the pressure.

It is hard to call anything this early in a career a make-or-break game, but this has the makings of such for Young. The kind of game that will show just what the player and the Carolina Panthers coaching staff are made of.

It is time to let off the reins and see what Young can do. There is nothing left to lose and that's exactly why this could be an exciting matchup to watch.