3 positive Carolina Panthers changes over 2024 offseason workouts

Dave Canales
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Bryce Young's footwork

Dave Canales wouldn't have taken the Carolina Panthers head coaching job if he felt Bryce Young couldn't be fixed. The quarterback went through untold complications during a disastrous rookie campaign in 2023. That didn't put the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator off. It was the opposite.

Canales knows there were plenty of mitigating factors behind Young's underachievement last season. He also knows how to galvanize quarterbacks and get them back to their old selves. It's something he accomplished with Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield. The Panthers are banking on his magic working on the former Alabama star sooner rather than later.

The talent is there with Young, he just got dealt a bad hand last time around. Very few - if any - quarterbacks around the league would have thrived in this environment. At the same time, this is a pivotal upcoming campaign for the signal-caller in pursuit of silencing some increasing doubters.

Much like the rest of the roster, improving the fundamentals is something Canales is looking to do for Young. This centered on footwork over early offseason workouts.

Getting out of his drops efficiently, stepping into his throws with more conviction, and ensuring his feet and upper body become aligned consistently were good places to start. Those in attendance at Carolina's mandatory minicamp noticed a vast difference in Young's footwork. Hopefully, this can be a stepping stone to brighter days ahead next season and beyond.

Canales' success will go hand in hand with Young's growth. The Panthers are steadfast in their belief he can become a franchise-caliber presence under center. They invested heavily around the Heisman Trophy winner this offseason, providing him with the sort of environment that was sorely lacking during his first season in a professional environment.

Once Young's new footwork becomes more familiar to the player, improvements should be rapid. If this scenario comes to fruition, the decision to hire Canales will pay off handsomely.