3 possible trade destinations for Carolina Panthers CB Donte Jackson in 2023

Donte Jackson
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Carolina Panthers could trade Donte Jackson to the Commanders

Things are looking pretty desperate for former Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. An embarrassing loss at the New York Giants did nothing to alleviate the pressure with Josh Harris' new ownership group watching on, with all signs pointing to landmark changes if things don't improve quickly.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Commanders' cornerback room is going through serious issues currently, so Rivera might take this opportunity to bring in a veteran presence he knows and drafted back in 2018.

Kendall Fuller is playing at a high level, but Benjamin St-Juste is struggling with outside responsibilities, and rookie first-rounder Emmanuel Forbes is clearly not ready to cover elite opposition at the next level.

All the talk has centered on a potential fire sale in Washington before the trade deadline, which could also include either Chase Young or Montez Sweat. Rivera won't be throwing in the towel with his own job prospects hanging in the balance, so acquiring Jackson for reasonable compensation cannot be dismissed entirely, either.

Rivera is renowned for bringing in guys he can trust and has worked with before. Jackson ticks those boxes and there would be a level of confidence within the Commanders that they could get him back trending in the right direction.

However, giving Rivera draft picks when he might not be around beyond the current campaign is a possible stumbling block.