3 post-draft moves Carolina Panthers GM Dan Morgan should make in 2024

There are more moves to be made.
Dan Morgan
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Carolina Panthers must get another veteran CB

The Carolina Panthers brought Chau Smith-Wade into the fold with one of their late-round draft selections. While his athleticism might be of use over time and immediately on special teams, asking him to attain starting outside cornerback reps given his slender frame wouldn't be the wisest move.

Dane Jackson and Troy Hill are dependable but seen as situational corners rather than elite shutdown presences. Jaycee Horn has elite-level credentials, but dependability on the health front is something of a concern despite the Panthers picking up his fifth-year option as expected.

Genuine investment has been directed towards the offensive side of things this offseason. Ejiro Evero's turned to players he knows well and with previous experience in his system rather than any bombshell moves, although Jadeveon Clowney was considered a coup who should help the edge rush considerably.

There's no getting around it, the Panthers cannot go into the season with their cornerback options as they appear right now. This is something Dan Morgan must address as a matter of urgency, with speculation continuing to build surrounding a potential return for Stephon Gilmore.

The former NFL Defensive Player of the Year is reportedly keen on playing closer to home. Gilmore left under a cloud in 2021, but those who made that decision are no longer around. Morgan said they would revisit things after the draft but nothing has materialized as yet.

Much will depend on the money and what Gilmore is seeking. However, this makes almost too much sense given Carolina's need for a dependable presence capable of performing well anywhere across the line of scrimmage.

Whether it's an emotional homecoming for Gilmore or someone else remaining on the market, the Panthers need another cornerback. Anything less could cause huge complications, especially if Horn cannot rid himself of the injury issues that have blighted his professional career so far.