3 potential Carolina Panthers replacements for Bradley Bozeman in 2024

Another established veteran needs to be replaced...

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Carolina Panthers could sign Mitch Morse

If the Carolina Panthers want to go a little bolder in their quest to properly replace and upgrade Bradley Bozeman, they might look to acquire another recently released veteran as part of many salary-cap cuts around the league. Someone that new general manager Dan Morgan knows well from his time on the Buffalo Bills.

In a surprising move, the Bills parted ways with Mitch Morse before free agency. He's got plenty of starting experience and performed well last season. Unfortunately for the player, the franchise needed to start cutting costs given the money tied up in quarterback Josh Allen's contract.

The former second-round pick gave up just one sack in 1,128 snaps on offense last season. Morse is supremely athletic and a tremendous asset in pass protection. His communication pre-snap and ability to pick out where specific blitzes are coming from is something else that could help Bryce Young enormously.

One potential stumbling block for the Panthers is the interest Morse might get from elsewhere. Players with his sort of pedigree are normally highly coveted on the free-agent market. This could mean Carolina is priced out of any potential deal despite Morgan's previous knowledge of the Missouri product.

If the Panthers did land someone like Morse, it should be considered a significant coup.