3 primary keys to Carolina Panthers' survival at the Dolphins in Week 6

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers must put Jeremy Chinn at LB

Jeremy Chinn has become a polarizing figure and deservedly so. After the travesty that was the young player's second-place finish in NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year voting, there has been little seen from the hybrid defender.

Putting Chinn at safety after what was a spectacular rookie campaign was always a questionable move as he was always more at home close to the line of scrimmage. That decision has come back to haunt the Carolina Panthers in a massive way.

A true square peg in a round hole.

Chinn is a run-stopper, a close-up player who does their best work when everything is taking place in front of them. Not in coverage. So what is the harm in putting a player who has shown potential back in the position where that potential was displayed?

Against a team as fast and explosive as the Miami Dolphins, the Panthers need no liabilities in coverage and all the help against the run that they can muster. So put Chinn back where he belongs and rely on someone else to take the share of coverage duties in the secondary.

This team needs to see what works and what doesn't. The run defense clearly isn't working as currently structured, so why keep going as is and hoping something will change?

Chinn has shown that he can take on some of the best running backs in the NFL and succeed at stopping them. With no expectations whatsoever, let the forgotten defender try.