3 primary keys to Carolina Panthers' survival at the Dolphins in Week 6

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers must pressure Tua Tagovailoa

Tua Tagovaiola is a good quarterback. Any doubts of that have been completely disproven at this point and the only way to beat a good signal-caller is with pressure.

Even the best quarterbacks cannot win if they are being chased around on every play, at least not consistently. And with a team like the Miami Dolphins, it is even more paramount as the coverage simply won't be able to compete on the back end.

Getting after Tagovaiola early and often, getting the budding superstar off rhythm and out of sync with his receivers is the way to limit the damage come Sunday. That begins and ends with Brian Burns and Derrick Brown.

The Carolina Panthers have not been great along the defensive line, to say the least, and a lot of that has to do with a lack of production on the edge from Burns and Justin Houston. While both have performed admirably, it hasn't been up to the kind of level that many expected.

This has to change for the Panthers to keep things respectable on Sunday.

The Dolphins get out the ball fast, they run past the secondary, and everything about that team is speed. This further complicates the ability of a pass rush to be effective. So it is high time that this highly touted pass rush wakes up after being essentially non-existent to begin the season.

Sacks have been hard to come by against the Dolphins this year. There is only one game in which the opposing team had more than one - their sole loss of the year against the Buffalo Bills.

While that pressure wasn't the only reason for the loss, getting after Tagovaiola will certainly not hurt the Panthers' chances here. And with a backup left tackle, it might just be something that the team can accomplish.