3 primary keys to Carolina Panthers' survival at the Dolphins in Week 6

Brian Burns
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Carolina Panthers must throw the ball deep

At this point, what harm is there to try and air out the ball?

The Carolina Panthers have been abysmal at pushing the ball downfield this season. A lot of that has to do with coaching, but some is on the personnel as well with D.J. Chark not exactly being the deep threat that was advertised in free agency.

With that said, it is time for the Panthers to start pressing down the field and give the fanbase something to cheer for. Nothing gets a fan off the couch and cheering like a deep ball. And if the team can connect on them, it may actually void the box of a few defenders and get the run game off the ground for the first time this year.

This short passing game is getting exhausting for everyone involved. If nothing changes, it will only make things worse as teams focus more on stopping it.

You cannot run the same three plays in the NFL and think you are going to be successful. But that is exactly what is happening on offense right now.

Get rookie quarterback Bryce Young out of the pocket, send the receivers downfield, chuck it down there, and see what happens. There is quite literally no reason not to at this point.

We have to see if the No. 1 overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft is even capable of doing it at this point. More importantly, just give the fans something to be excited about for once this year.