3 primary keys to victory for the Carolina Panthers at Lions in Week 5

The Carolina Panthers have entered must-win territory.
Frank Reich
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What keys to victory surround the Carolina Panthers as they look to overcome the odds in Week 5 at the Detroit Lions?

It is beginning to get hard to find ways for this team to win.

The Carolina Panthers have struggled this season, which is probably an understatement. From coaching, to injuries, to a lack of any kind of creativity it's been hard to watch.

At this point, it may just be better if the team didn't win. But that would just give the Chicago Bears what would likely be the top two picks in the next draft. So it is a no-win scenario at this point.

Whether the Panthers win or lose this week will mean little for the outcome of the season as the rest of the NFC South already has a seemingly insurmountable lead. However, it would do one thing. It would give this tired fanbase something to be happy about, something to talk about on Monday morning other than a loss.

That might just be what everyone needs. Proof that this team can actually put together a win.

I said it before the season started, this is not a year to compete - it is a year to evaluate everything. This season will show the fanbase and the front office alike what kind of changes need to be made for the future of the franchise. Even if that's hard for fans to stomach after being sold dreams of playoff football before the campaign.

Traveling to the Detroit Lions will be the toughest test of the season so far for the Panthers. What keys to victory must Carolina implement in the hope of an unlikely triumph?