3 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers drafting Bryce Young in 2023

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Carolina Panthers must examine potential durability issues

Much has been made of Bryce Young's size and weight throughout his pre-draft evaluation process. The quarterback's played it down when speaking publicly, but it's something the Carolina Panthers would be wise not to ignore before making their final decision.

Young stated that he's been the same height for a while now and it's not impacted his production in college. His exceptional processing and field vision make this a non-issue - so it is more a case of the brutal hits he could receive against explosive NFL defenders.

Watching Young's film, every shot he receives seems to look worse because he is undersized. So the Panthers and others high up the pecking order must figure out quickly whether this is going to be a complication big enough to go in a different direction.

The modern-day NFL and its current trend indicate size isn't the issue it once was under center. The likes of Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Kyler Murray have gone on to achieve great things, so Young could be next in line if he matches or even exceeds expectations.

That's all positive, but the Panthers have risked their long-term future with a daring trade to No. 1 and have to be absolutely convinced there won't be injury concerns for Young once he gets to the pros. Something that's entirely possible not just for him, but for any signal-caller.

Young has everything one looks for in a franchise signal-caller. Sure, he's not C.J. Stroud's size and he doesn't have the elite athletic attributes of Anthony Richardson, but that does not detract from what a special talent he is.