3 pros and cons to the Carolina Panthers drafting Bryce Young in 2023

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers
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Carolina Panthers would be getting a true difference-maker

Forget the size. Forget the height. Forget the durabilty concerns.

Bryce Young has the potential to be a true difference-maker. Something the Carolina Panthers have sorely lacked in their quarterbacks since Cam Newton's controversial release in 2020.

As stated previously, his processing and seeing the field is the best of any prospect. Young recognizes pressure well, makes sound decisions, can make every throw imaginable, and has no trouble whatsoever going off-script when a specific play isn't developing as anticipated.

The Panthers would be playing with fire if they ignore Young in favor of C.J. Stroud. Although the Ohio State product has all the tools needed to thrive and looks like the sort of quarterback Frank Reich normally goes for based on intangibles.

With that being said, taking a shot with Young is a very real possibility. One that could completely change Carolina's future aspirations as they aim to emerge from irrelevancy and into the playoff picture.

Nobody would complain too much if Young was the guy. A player with the world of his feet and will be incredibly difficult to pass up.

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