3 reasons Bryce Young is the perfect quarterback for Carolina Panthers revolution

Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers have an elite leader in Bryce Young

While Bryce Young isn't going to be the life and soul of the party like Cam Newton, there is more than one way to lead as a franchise quarterback. The No. 1 overall selection conducts himself with extreme poise and is rarely flustered, which already has the attention of players of all ages within the locker room in a short space of time.

Young is a silent assassin. Don't let the politeness and softly spoken player away from the gridiron lull you into a false sense of security - there's a commanding swagger and killer mentality once it's time to get down to business.

Leading by example is something Young's done almost seamlessly ever since his high school days. It also shows no signs of slowing down if his quickfire influence throughout early off-season workouts was any indication.

Of course, nobody will ever bring the swagger Newton had. But as Brian Burns stated recently, being humble while also knowing he's the s--t is Young's preferred approach - which already has everyone fully on board with Carolina's choice atop the draft.

This is a quarterback-driven league. The previous regime found that out to their cost with a series of flawed trades and suspect free-agent signings, but Young represents the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

If he becomes Carolina's franchise quarterback, it's all systems go. And the Panthers couldn't be getting a harder worker or better leader.