3 reasons the Carolina Panthers are not an attractive head coaching destination

David Tepper and Nicole Tepper
David Tepper and Nicole Tepper / Cindy Ord/GettyImages
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Carolina Panthers have a meddling owner

This is the biggest reason above all else.

David Tepper's meddling in football-related affairs is enough to put any head coaching candidate off. This could mean the Carolina Panthers are forced to settle for someone further down their shortlist.

Tepper's been a source of failure and frustration in equal measure since buying the team from Jerry Richardson. His bold claims of turning the Panthers into a perennial winner and nothing less would be accepted could have been further from the truth, with no season above .500 under his leadership and far more questions than answers about the franchise's direction.

His constant involvement and overbearing nature when it comes to football decisions are holding the Panthers back. Tepper isn't humble enough to see it - not many billionaires are - but his constant blunders are now reaching the national and international stage rather than just being slammed by the local media.

What up-and-coming coach is going to want Tepper breathing down their neck? Is someone with a lofty reputation like Jim Harbaugh going to stand Tepper sticking his nose where it simply doesn't belong?

Both seem highly unlikely. If Tepper doesn't adjust his approach and make some concessions about his influence in roster building, the chances of top-level options turning them down are almost assured.