3 reasons the Carolina Panthers are not an attractive head coaching destination

David Tepper and Nicole Tepper
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Carolina Panthers gig is a poisoned chalice

The Carolina Panthers are disposing of head coaches like old socks under billionaire owner David Tepper. Couple this with the reported toxic workplace environment that was labeled something akin to the Hunger Games, it's not hard to see why the gig could be considered a poisoned chalice.

Fans are leaving in their droves as they reach breaking point. The Panthers alienated an entire state by deciding to move their training camp from Wofford College to Charlotte, and the culture that made this franchise so great during the mid-2010s and further back than that is long gone.

Some positives warrant consideration for any interested party. The chance to build this program on its kneed up from the top down. Molding Bryce Young into an elite quarterback up there with the best around. Enhancing an already promising defense.

That's not a bad foundation from which to build. The problem centers on ownership patience, which isn't exactly stable when it comes to the NFL or the soccer team he also owns in Charlotte.

As previously stated, there are only 32 head coaching gigs to go around. But with many anticipating a bloodbath on Black Monday, there are only so many legitimate candidates to take the franchise forward positively, too.

Tepper humbling himself changes everything. Just don't hold your breath on that front.