3 reasons the Carolina Panthers will win at the Falcons in Week 1

The Carolina Panthers can beat the Falcons in Week 1.
Bryce Young
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Carolina Panthers OL can keep Bryce Young upright

The biggest preseason takeaway from the offense was a lack of protection for rookie quarterback Bryce Young. It was a rough start, but things did pick up as warmups went on.

The Panthers starting offensive linemen are almost identical to the entirety of last season. The only difference is Austin Corbett's absence through injury and rookie guard Chandler Zavala deputizing.

Zavala played in two out of three preseason games for the Carolina Panthers and looked solid. If he can continue his adequate play, the protection should get back into last season's form if not better. 

If the Panthers' offensive line can play a relatively clean game and give Young some time, he should be able to operate, find open receivers, and lead the team to success. If he doesn’t have enough time to get through his progressions and is pressured consistently, it could make for a long afternoon.

Carolina needs to get a statement win in Atlanta to begin their season. If Young gets sacked no more than two times, the Panthers will have a good chance of ending Week 1 with objectives achieved.