3 reasons to be excited about the Carolina Panthers in 2023

2023 looks to be a season of promise and hope for the Carolina Panthers.
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Carolina Panthers redide in a wide-open NFC South

Despite the issues on the team last season, the Carolina Panthers came just one game short of winning the NFC South. This season they have a good chance of securing their first division title since 2015.

None of the other three teams within the division made significant improvements to jump ahead as preseason favorites. It is wide-open - all four teams have a legitimate chance to win it - and that is something for fans to get excited about.

All four teams in the division struggled in 2022 with their quarterback play. Once again, it seems like that problem will continue.

Derek Carr and Baker Mayfield are the two best quarterbacks in the division, but both have their inconsistencies and are susceptible to collapsing when their team needs them. Desmond Ridder is an unproven commodity that looked shaky in his time on the field last season.

It seems like right away Bryce Young can step in and be the best quarterback in the NFC South. At the very least, he will perform around the level of the division's other starters.

Over the past few years, a division title felt out of reach by mid-season, but Carolina will be contending for it this time around. They have a solid chance and down the stretch, the Panthers will compete in playoff-type games like Week 17 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022.

Nothing in the NFL is more exciting than watching your favorite team play must-win games. The Panthers will play in a few of them this season.