3 reasons to be optimistic about the Carolina Panthers in 2024

There is reason for hope once again.
Dave Canales
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Carolina Panthers' improved offensive pieces

One of the primary catalysts behind the Carolina Panthers in 2023 centered on their offensive ineptitude. There was no genuine plan. The schematic concepts were bland and uninspired. Couple this with the indifferent supporting cast and too many voices in quarterback Bryce Young's ear, it was a recipe for disaster.

Dan Morgan had a tough choice to make this offseason. The new general manager opted to transition the team's significant investment around Young to make the offense more productive. It was a contentious issue, but there was no other choice.

Carolina strengthened their offensive line with two formidable starting guards at great expense. The pass-catching options received a boost thanks to the arrivals of Diontae Johnson, Xavier Legette, and Ja'Tavion Sanders. Those in power also acquired a potentially prolific running back by selecting Jonathon Brooks at No. 46 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Dave Canales and his staff are scheming things up around Young's strengths. It sounds simple, but it's something the previous staff couldn't accomplish effectively. They are also improving the fundamentals and making sure everyone is aware of their responsibilities. Again, so simple.

This brings increased expectations on everyone, Young included. Canales thinks the right pieces are now in place to make significant strides. Fans are becoming increasingly optimistic and rightfully so.

Carolina's defense might suffer as a result. They lost some established stars and have questions at all three levels. The Panthers are banking on coordinator Ejiro Evero working his magic.

Doing more with less is difficult, but he's proven capable of such feats last season. If Evero does the same again in 2024, a long-awaited head coaching gig won't be too far behind.

After being bored beyond measure watching the Panthers' offense in 2023, fans should be excited about the prospect of seeing what this new-look offense can do with Canales leading the charge. And the bar isn't exactly high in that regard.