3 remaining Carolina Panthers needs after the 2024 NFL Draft

Do the Carolina Panthers have any remaining needs after the 2024 NFL Draft?
Austin Corbett
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Carolina Panthers need competition at center

ESPN's depth chart for the Carolina Panthers has Austin Corbett at the starting center position. There isn't a backup listed after those in power ignored what could become an overlooked need heading into the 2024 campaign.

Corbett was a free-agency signing by the Panthers a couple of years ago. When the former second-round selection is on the field, he's a plus player. However, there is quite a bit of uncertainty there as the coaching staff plans to transition him from his typical position at right guard following the free-agent signing of Robert Hunt.

The ex-Nevada college standout has never played center in his NFL career and could end up not adapting to the change like the coaching staff surely thinks. It would make a ton of sense to add a low-cost center with the remaining free agency market, and there are a ton of quality names left, believe it or not.

With as poor as offensive line play has been across the NFL in recent seasons, there are always quality free agents in this position group. Something the Panthers should take advantage of despite not being rich in financial assets right now.

For Carolina, throwing a small contract at Connor Williams - a former Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins starter - could be a smart move. Other free agents include Mason Cole, Connor McGovern, and Tyler Larsen, although this trio comes with a risk element attached.

This could be a sneaky-good move from Dan Morgan if he wants to add another body to compete with Corbett and maintain a sense of urgency. Williams is one of the best overall free agents remaining, so he'd be my top choice.

Overall, there truly is a lot to like about the Panthers' roster and the changes they made. Much work is still to be done, and the pressure could begin to mount for second-year quarterback Bryce Young if he shows some struggles early, but hopes are high that improvements can be made with a few extra tweaks.