3 silver linings from the Carolina Panthers 2023 season so far

It hasn;t been all bad...

Derrick Brown
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What silver linings have emerged from a torrid 2023 season for the Carolina Panthers, which sees them at 1-9 through their first 10 games?

Nobody expected things to spiral out of control where the Carolina Panthers are concerned this season. An eventful offseason of what many believed were positive changes coupled with outlandish predictions from influential figures sent expectations through the roof, which makes their 1-9 start all the most disappointing.

The Panthers are the NFL's worst team. No matter how you want to slice it, that's the cold fact of the matter. One only has to look at how they've performed aside from their only triumph of the campaign versus the Houston Texans as proof.

Some real soul-searching is needed and large sections of Carolina's disillusioned fanbase are demanding action. David Tepper is the man under the microscope, but his ownership approach up to now doesn't exactly inspire confidence he'll do the right thing.

Amid complete chaos, there are a few silver linings to take from Carolina's dismal 2023 campaign so far. Here are three examples.

Carolina Panthers have a legitimate coach in Ejiro Evero

The Carolina Panthers were lauded all through the summer for molding an all-star staff revered around the NFL. It's turned out to be anything but, with too many cooks and no real cohesion leading to a terrible football product on the field.

However, defensive coordinator Ejiro Evero doesn't fit into this dubious category. He's done a remarkable job in difficult circumstances, often missing up to six projected defensive starters and key rotational pieces almost every game and still ensuring his unit holds its own more often than not.

Unfortunately for the Panthers, this won't be going unnoticed by others around the league who might be looking for a new head coach during the upcoming cycle. Evero is likely going to be a hot commodity and should receive numerous interview requests, but whether Carolina's horrid record goes against him remains to be seen.