3 struggling Carolina Panthers players who came up clutch in Week 15

These players stepped up in the biggest way imaginable.

Bradley Bozeman
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Which Carolina Panthers players came up clutch during the team's Week 15 win against the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium?

After so long without a win to celebrate, one could forgive Carolina Panthers fans for savoring the moment. It's been a long, hard campaign for everyone involved. Basking in the glory of a rare victory is well within the right of those who pay their hard-earned money to watch such a poor football product.

The Panthers acquired some much-needed confidence after two six-game losing runs this season. Whether they can keep up this momentum over their remaining three games is unclear. But it's entirely possible when one looks at their strength of schedule before heading their separate ways.

Sunday's game was a test of character in torrid weather conditions. The Panthers showed their mettle, playing sound defense once again and relying on the methods that became so successful over the second half of 2022.

It was a collective effort. One that deserves credit whether the Panthers are 2-12 or 12-2. These three struggling players came up clutch versus the Falcons with the pressure firmly on.

Tommy Tremble - Carolina Panthers TE

There were once again flashes from Tommy Tremble in the passing game. The tight end brought in both of his targets for 32 receiving yards, which was pleasing. Upon further examination of the tape, it's his full body of work that deserves tremendous praise.

Nobody has disputed Tremble's blocking abilities throughout his career. It was his big strength coming out of Notre Dame. Something that was on full display down in the trenches against the Atlanta Falcons.

The Carolina Panthers needed Tremble to strap up his helmet and do the dirty work in pursuit of success. It was a task he seemed to relish, providing pass-protection assistance and making a blocking impact on running downs - especially at the second level.

This is a big step in the right direction from Tremble. Whether it's enough to convince the new coaching regime he's worthy of additional involvement in the final year of his deal is another matter.